5G Private Network Devices

We focus on5G private network using 5GO-RAN SA. Our vision is to provide the optimized 5G private network service to support enterprise digital transformation. To enable the enterprise segment of 5G, we worked with a big manufacturer in Taiwan providing 5G private network devices and solutions.​

There will be 4.2 billion IoT devices in the world by 2025, which will require 100 times more data transmission speed and 1,000 times the data transmission volume.

We own a core network server roomto ensure that information is not leaked out. Our highly flexible deployment​ is ready for future expansion. Large bandwidth, Large connection, Reliability, and Low latency. Highly integrated which can significantly shortenthe construction time and reduce costs.

RAN Framework

The architecture of LiNK RAN consists of Centralized Unit (CU), Distributed Unit (DU) and FlexRAN (L1) specialized in UL Centric, DL Centric, and VR Traffic.

RAN-CU is comprised of Layer 3, RRM, CU-OAM, and PDCP/GTPu software. RAN-DU is comprised of MAC, RLC, F1-U, DU Manager, and DU-OAM software. The interface between RAN and RU is O-RAN compliant option 7.2x split (eCPRI) which is comprised of FlexRAN (L1) utilizing the FEC (Forward Error Correction) Hardware Accelerator.

OAM Network management system 

Customized the system to meet the demand with fast deployment and easy maintenance. Such as performing fault management, analysis, planning, and configuration.

It has a common management framework and is built in a plug-in way, which can accommodate heterogeneous networks at the same time.

With a one-stop management interface, users can manage the network effectively and comprehensively.

LiNK 5G Core​

A compact 5G private network system to put all necessary networking equipment into a tiny mobility rack as a suitcase. It can help users rapidly and easily deploy 5G networks in finite space for demonstration, education, application development, and PoC.

Compliant with 3GPP and O-RAN structure using COST x86 base server to compose 5G network system including 5GC, BBU, RRU, and an L3 switch; BBU powered by Reign RAN software.

LiNK Core – Portable 5G Private network specifications

Ultra Low Latency  |  Extreme Bandwidth  |  Mass Connectivity

5G Network in a Box​  |  30 Min. Rapid Setup​  |  Framework to a Customizable Solution​

  • 5G NR Stand Alone
  • OAM inside
  • Sub-6: n79, n78, n77, n48​
  • 100MHz bandwidth
  • DL 4 layers, UL 2 layers
  • 250mW indoor O-RU

  • Max. 32 active UE
  • Default 20 active UE
  • Latency Avg. 20~30 ms​​
  • Default DL 700Mbps, UL 120Mbps
  • GPS free
  • 565 mm x 556 mm x 250 mm

Quick demo – USA

5G private network via VR in football field VIP room. It took only 30mins of setting up to create a 5G private network environment. Our partners experienced a large bandwidth, a stable 5G network, and an immersive VR with wireless flexibility experience right away.

Smart inspection for various scenarios

Automated inspection support for increasing productivity and efficiency​.

Smart education application scenarios

On-Time Synchronized Images and Audio.

Warehouse and manufacturing

Powered by P5G & Connecting to VIVERSE.

5G Private network mode (optional)

You could choose a different profile to meet your scenario.

DL Centric

Downlink profile, Provides you with higher download bandwidth​

DL 1Gbps

For scenario of need higher
DL throughput​

UL Centric

Uplink profile, Provide you ​higher upload bandwidth

UL 350Mbps

For scenario of need higher
UL throughput​

VR Profile

VR profile, More users are ​available at the same time​

6 VR users

Validated profile can support ​VR users in LOS 20m radius​

Note: Above results were measured by OTA in an optimized lab environment.

5G Real-time XR ​3D visualisation solution

3D Visualisation with XR

3D design/review tool supports high-efficiency collaboration with real-time streaming by P5G to stunning visuals for digital prototyping to support visualisation, review, and validation with ease and accuracy. ​Suitable for ‘Big Products’ design projects.

Boat (Yacht)​

Interior Design​
Architect for Building Design​


What are the advantages of a private 5G network

  • Lower latency between the transfer of datas
  • Enables efficient online working for engineers in different working locations around the globe
  • Better connections between engineers for online digital prototyping
  • A private 5G network provides more privacy and better cyber security for private sectors as it only serves one corporation and the structure of a 5G network is more complicated to breakdown
  • 5G networks could handle more data thus increasing work capacity

5G Private Networks benefit in car manufacturing 

5G is the solution to current challenges faced by the car manufacturers

  • The implication of AI real-time machine performance analysis system is essential for car manufacturers to maintain the overall operation of the production assembly line 
  • 5G networks’ strength of low latency allows for maintenance to happen in the shortest possible time to optimise production productivity and quality
  • All data produced in the business could be stored in one device by using private 5G networks which makes the management process more efficient and easier to secure

How could 5G Private Networks benefit ​in car manufacturing ​

Impacts on the business

  • 5G network technology MPN (Mobile Private Network) enables car manufacturer to reconfigure factory floors to be more efficient in space, time, and cost
  • Lower latency provides a better connection between workers and machines ensuring the communications between labourers and commands sent to devices are real-time
  • With 5G MPN technology, car manufacturer could react to possible changing factors such as the application of new​ materials and energies and business environments quickly as possible, for example, the new trend of plug-in electric vehicles improving the overall mobility

How could 5G Private Networks benefit ​in car manufacturing ​

Applications of Private 5G network

  • Application of 5G connected machines for quality inspections in the factory
  • Using 5G to connect sensors wirelessly is the most ideal way for quality inspections due to 5G’s characteristics of high data throughput, low latency and the ability to connect with remote experts between long physical distance
  • Employing 5G Private Networks means that car manufacturer could benefit from fast data sharing and labor mobility as they can ask for assistance from remote experts more efficiently due to the low latency of data transfers between long physical distance
  • Workers with lower essential skills required could finish the process of maintenance more efficient way by following the instructions shown on VR Glasses connected by 5G Private networks

5G Core l Lite ​

LiNK Core Lite is a simplified version of the 5G RAN Core family with more compact gears in a hand-carry server rack like a suitcase. It is an easy solution to deploy a private 5G environment in a limited space. It can be used for demonstration, PoC, and education. LiNK Core Lite uses an x86 architecture server for 5GC and BBU, it also combines with RRU and is all compliant with 3GPP & O-RAN structure. The BBU is powered by LiNK RAN software.

LiNK Core l Lite  – Portable private 5G solution​

Product description

Max. UE:
Max. 8 active (as default)
Cell power:
Ant. MIMO:
4T4R, DL 4 layers, UL 1 layer
FR1: n79, n78, n77, n48
Avg. 20~30 ms
Max DL 700Mbps / UL 60Mbps
Operation Manual: Start/Stop Network​  |  Shutdown System​  |  Software Update
D570mm x W560mm x H130mm