4G Devices

1. Will this phone work with any mobile phone SIM card?
Answer: Yes this phone will work with any GSM/3G/4G Mobile phone SIM card. The SIM card size it takes is the standard size. If you want to use a Micro or Mini SIM card, you will need a SIM card adapter.

2. Will this phone work with a landline like BT?
Answer: No. this phone is only a GSM 3G and 4G desk phone and cannot be connected to a landline. It will only work with a mobile phone SIM card.

3. Does this phone have a battery and Electric power plug?
Answer: Yes this phone comes with a rechargeable battery and an electric power plug. It can work on battery alone for a few hours so you can move it around. It can also be left on electric power all the time. The battery charges when you connect it to electric.

4. Can I connect an external antenna (Arial) to this phone for better reception?
Answer: No. this phone does not have the option for an external antenna. The Internal antenna is as good as or slightly better than a normal mobile phone antenna.

5. Can I connect to the internet on my computer with this phone?
Answer: Yes you can connect to the internet on your computer with this phone via wifi hotspot function.

6. Is this phone in the English Language?
Answer: Yes the menu supports multi-language. It will auto turn to the English language of you insert an English SIM card.


VoIP over 4G?

1. VoIP Over 4G – Can I Use your 4G router to make VoIP calls?
Yes, you can use our 3G/4G routers if you want to make VoIP calls. There is nothing within the 4G router hardware that will prevent VoIP Calls. Please note, we do not sell our 4G routers with VoIP service, you will need to subscribe that from VoIP service provider.

2. How VoIP call works via 3G/4G router?
You could connect an IP phone to the LAN port of the router and configure your IP phone to connect over the 4G cellular network of your service provider.

3. I still have a problem with making VoIP call over 3G/4G network?
There is no problem with the 4G router itself, you should talk to your 4G internet network provider and your VoIP provider. Sometimes network latency may also create poor performance, in this case talk to your 4G network provider and check their current network speed and status.

4. Why some 4G network providers will not allow VoIP calls?
You must check with your service provider to see if their network allow VoIP calls, we are unable to provide this information.

5. Will the IP address for VoIP calls over 4G be Static, Public or Private?
Most 4G provider will be using a Private IP in the network, so you may not be able to provide a public IP address to the VoIP provider to have a static IP. Check with your service provider on this type of the service.

6. Why VoIP Providers need a Static IP address?
A Static IP address is preferred by VoIP providers to prevent potential security breach and/or issues. The Static IP address is used to confirm the user identity and prevent fraud which is an increasing problem within the VoIP services. Using a static IP address ensures great quality for all calls made over IP/Internet and makes the VoIP service much more reliable.

7. Uses of VoIP over 4G?
In conclusion if you want to use VoIP over 4G and have quality service you first need to confirm with your Mobile network provider and VoIP provider if they are able to support this as we will be unable to provide assistance or support for VoIP over 4G problems because technically there is nothing within the 4G router configuration that will prevent VoIP over 4G calls. All quality or connectivity issues will be down to the Mobile network provider and your VoIP provider.

8. Can I return my router as faulty if I can’t get it to work with my VoIP service?
You will be unable to return the router as faulty just because you could not get it to work with your VoIP equipment or VoIP service provider this is why we strongly suggest you to talk to your network service provider to confirm.