1. Will this phone work with any mobile phone SIM card?

Answer: Yes this phone will work with any GSM/3G/4G Mobile phone SIM card. The SIM card size it takes is the standard size. If you want to use a Micro or Mini SIM card, you will need a SIM card adapter.

2. Will this phone work with a landline like BT?

Answer: No. this phone is only a GSM 3G and 4G desk phone and cannot be connected to a landline. It will only work with a mobile phone SIM card.

3. Does this phone have a battery and Electric power plug?

Answer: Yes this phone comes with a rechargeable battery and an electric power plug. It can work on battery alone for a few hours so you can move it around. It can also be left on electric power all the time. The battery charges when you connect it to electric.

4. Can I connect an external antenna (Arial) to this phone for better reception?

Answer: No. this phone does not have the option for an external antenna. The Internal antenna is as good as or slightly better than a normal mobile phone antenna.

5. Can I connect to the internet on my computer with this phone?

Answer: Yes you can connect to the internet on your computer with this phone via wifi hotspot function.

6. Is this phone in the English Language?

Answer: Yes the menu supports multi-language. It will auto turn to the English language of you insert an English SIM card.